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 2016-2017 Season

Marion Chamber Music Society February 2017 Newsletter

Our 22 January 2017 UF Chamber Music concert was a tremendous success despite the high winds and threat of severe weather keeping some of our usual audience at home. The young artists from UF played as professionally as any seasoned performer, with a variety of solos, chamber groupings and a delightful original composition written by a young student as a gift to his teacher.

Now let me present Violist David Pedraza, our upcoming February 26 concert. Viola is the slightly bigger brother to a violin, with deep, rich, warm tone whose range spans the in betweens of violin and cello. Again, a wonderful variety of music, as he will be joined by pianist Norito Irei. A few highlights from his program: Liszt’s La Campanella (Little Bell). Originally written for violin, this piece made such an impression as a virtuosic tour de force with its dizzying hypnotic speeds that it was transcribed to many other instruments and arrangements to include a piano solo by Liszt himself.  Perhaps no other solo piece has caused such a stir.  To this day it is considered one of the most difficult pieces to perform in the piano repertoire with very few daring to publicly try it. And what better way to hear the range, variety and beauty of the viola as a solo than with a Dance Suite by Bach. Closing the Program will be the Sonata for Viola and Piano in E flat major, Op.120, No.2, by Brahms – ever the romantic painter of all moods, beauty, elegance and character. 

I know we’ve talked about our final concert of the season in past newsletters, but we are now in the same calendar year and I want to keep this concert foremost in your mind.  Mark your calendars! Invite your friends! 2 April: is our Marion Cultural Alliance grant concert featuring 10 year old child prodigy Patricia Zhuge, An amazing talent. I played her You Tube recording to some top piano teachers from Gainesville and they were in awe. She has won piano competitions in China, England and in the U.S. And she has already made her Carnegie Hall debut. Check her out for yourself on You Tube! She plays the Chopin Black Key Etude – tosses it off as if it were nothing hard at all. (And it is hard. Very.) And she was only 9 when she recorded it.

Marion Chamber Music Society is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. As of this late date, offerings made this year will appear as well in next year’s programs.   

Hope to see you February 26th. All concerts are FREE and held at Queen of Peace Catholic Church, on Sundays at 3:00 p.m.

Leslie Hammes, Music Director

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